Appalachian Nightmare 3D

You will retrace the route of Ol' man Clearwater's last run of moonshine through the Appalician Nightmare 3D. Its glowing passages and trecherous trails remain infested with the souls of those who took the last sips of Clearwaters tainted shine. Ol' man Clearwater is actually a nickname given to William Collinsworth himself. As you may already know William owned the Collinsworth farm. Tainting moonshine was only one of many evil deeds done by William.

Backwoods Blackout

In an attempt to reanimate history, the Fallsburg Fearplex has painstakenly rebuilt the interior of the acurrsed Collinsworth barn, and in its ressurection unleashed the spirits trapped wtihin its walls. Born again on the very site of its origin, its black passages wait. Dare you brave the darkness?

Crazy Creek

Major expansions to CRAZY CREEK in 2018 have lead to bloody detail this season! With new focus on the horrifying history of the Collinsworth farm, you will retrace the footsteps of past victims. In an attempt to lure the souls back to the land of the living, we have recreated the sheds and buildings as they were years ago.


The 2019 Haunted House will overshadow anything ever created by the Fearplex! You will be immersed in bloody history as you walk room to room in William Collinsworth's home place. We hired surveyors and enlisted the help of community elders to resurrect the house and the demons within...