Appalachian Nightmare 3D

The Legend Of Old Man Clearwater Lives On

Appalachian Nightmare 3D is a blacklight chromadepth 3D attraction that tells the story of Old Man Clearwater during Prohibition. It was added in 2014 as part of the new building constructed on the grounds. Since 2014 several improvements have been made. $30,000 spent in 2016 makes this already 3300 sq ft attraction 75% bigger.

Appalachian Nightmare 3D was designed and painted by Jeff May, a professional chromadepth 3D painter located in St. Louis, MO, who later visited Fallsburg to provide the finishing touches to the panels and scenery once the attraction was built and installed.  The attraction is the first of its kind for the area, and is the first “chromadepth hillbilly” attraction in the nation.


Backwoods Blackout

An Assault On The Senses

Backwoods Blackout is a 2800 sq ft indoor attraction that has that has been increased by 50% for the 2016 season. It is located in the same building where the ticket booth and Appalachian Nightmare 3D are located.

Backwoods Blackout is a pitch black maze that customers walk through, unguided and highly suggested without the use of any lights. The use of flashlights or cell phone lights ruin the effects of the attraction, as Backwoods Blackout is designed to be an assault on the senses—you don’t know where you are, what that sound was, or if that’s your friend grabbing for your arm, or something else entirely.

Crazy Creek

Clearwater's Tainted Shine Has Corrupted The Locals

Crazy Creek is a creek-side shanty town filled with the locals that were corrupted by Old Man Clearwater's tainted moonshine. Bootleggers, miners and other shady characters live in the Creek, most of them workers in the Fallsburg Mine. There's even a mine transport bus that got stuck in the mud and never made it out!

Fallsburg Haunted House

Where History Repeats Itself

The original attraction that started it all, the Fallsburg Haunted House has been in operation since 1987.  Built in the old Oddfellows Lodge building, this two story building has stood for over 100 years and has undergone multiple remodels to suit the needs of the haunted attraction. Both floors of the haunted house are in use and has been redesigned to be more open, allowing our terrified customers more space to run and try to escape.

Construction on the haunted house in 2015 has dug up more of Fallsburg's dark history, with one of our workers finding evidence that the house was once used by a serial killer in the area. Multiple disappearances have occured in the area over the years, and it's believed that the two are connected.



Carnival of Souls

Coming Soon...