Appalachian Nightmare 3D

You will retrace the route of Ol' man Clearwater's last run of moonshine through the Appalician Nightmare 3D. Its glowing passages and trecherous trails remain infested with the souls of those who took the last sips of Clearwaters tainted shine.

Backwoods Blackout

In an attempt to reanimate history, the Fallsburg Fearplex has painstakenly rebuilt the interior of the acurrsed Collinsworth barn, and in its ressurection unleashed the spirits trapped wtihin its walls. Born again on the very site of its origin, its black passages wait. Dare you brave the darkness?

Crazy Creek

With tighter turns and nearly a 1/4 mile of New scares Crazy Creek returns in 2018 Remodeled, and ready to terrify. When darkness sets in and the moonlight peers through the pines, the shadows begin to move. The souls of the damned return to the world of the living seeking to claim the lives of any who dare pass their way. Experience the waking nightmare that is Crazy Creek.

Last Stop Scrapyard

While surveying for the location of the all new Fallsburg haunted house construction crews located the rusted frames of multiple vehicles just below the surface of the ground. We have concluded with help historians that we have located the exact site of what can only be The Last Stop Scrapyard. The final resting place of Judith Lane, Casey Leavy, and more than 15 of Edward Fullis' victims.