Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you close for rain? A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We make it a point to be open when we say we will be open.  Many people drive to our haunt from hours away, and their weather may not be the same as ours.  We realize weather can change in that time frame, and we want all customers to leave their homes with confidence that we will be open when they arrive.  If for some reason there is EXTREME weather we may consider a delay, but guarantee customers will be compensated for their trouble. If for some reason there is a considerable amount of rain we may close our outside attraction. However all of our 3 Indoor attractions will remain open for a discounted price no matter what.

Q: Do your employees touch? A: YES! Our veteran actors are allowed to touch. To be more specific you would only be lightly touched or brushed up against by an actor during a close encounter type scene. They WILL NOT grab you.

Q: How old should my child be to go through the haunt? A: We highly recommend that customers be 12 or older to go through every attraction.  We cannot ID everyone that goes through our attractions, and ultimately leave this up to the parent. Some children are more mature than others and would be able to handle the intense scenes in our attractions.

Q: Do you offer group rates or discounts? A: Generally we do not, because we try to keep prices for everyone as low as possible.  Although it is a for profit commercial business, much of the extra revenue is given to the local school and non-profit community organizations.  If you feel like you have a unique situation, please send us a message through the contact page.  We may not be able to discount tickets, but could possibly offer a large group several different types of savings and offers.

Q: How long is the wait? A: This varies from night to night and weekend to weekend based on the size of the attendance for the night, but Friday night is definitely the less crowded night.  Please call the contact number or message us through Facebook during operation for a nightly estimate.  We know your time is valuable.

Q: How long does it take to complete the haunt? A: We estimate at least 45 combined minutes during the attractions. Walking travel between these attractions may add another 15 minutes.

Q: What is included with every ticket? A: We only sell 1 ticket, and that ticket includes entry into all attractions: Attractions are listed and explained here on the site. Speed Passes can also be purchased to reduce wait time.

Q: What are your hours of operation? A: Ticket sales begin roughly 30 minutes before dark. Attractions start operating once it begins getting dark out. We end ticket sales at midnight, but we will not turn people away if they are still in line to buy tickets once it turns midnight. All attractions will stay open until the last person goes through all of them. Please see our Facebook page for nightly start times. NOTE: Special Event times such as LIGHTS OUT may vary. Check our Facebook or message us for details.

Q: Do you accept checks/debit/credit cards? A: We accept cash, credit debit cards. No Checks please.

Q: Can we order tickets online or reserve tickets in advance? A: YES! We sell tickets online through a link here on our website. We highly recommend purchasing online as in person ticket sales may be limited on busy nights.

Q: Do we pay for parking? A: Yes, parking is $3 per vehicle.

Q: Can we take photos or videos during attractions? A: No.  Photos and videos interfere with our actors and disrupt scenes, and stopping to take them will slow groups down and cause them to bunch up.  We absolutely do not allow photos or videos of any kind to be taken during our attractions, and you will be stopped and asked to delete them.