Legend of Alice

In 1923 a wealthy man from the northeast by the name of Chester A. Collinsworh had caught wind of possible buisness ventures in the south with the expansion of the railroad. Not long after Collinsworth found himself in the Appalacian town of Fallsburg nested in the rolling hills of Lawrence county Kentucky. In its prime Fallsburg was no small dot on the map, it thrived. The streets were lined with boarwalks and bars, The bustling crowds flocked here to make use of not only the night life, but the ever turning griss mill. People came from Miles around to grind corn and grain, and lumber companies shuttled endless miles of logs down the winding waters of Blaine Creek to be sawed. The Fallsburg mill was the hub of the surrounding area, and was also the reason the railroad stopped their line just across the hill at Fuller Station. Collinsworth Purchased the mill and a farm, his wife Audry and daughter Alice joined him there shortly after. The family had never been happier, they had no idea that this wonderful beginning would have such a devestating end. Word spread quickly through town that a circus from the north was coming to Fallsburg via the railroad. "Come one come all to The Carnival of Souls" the colorful fliers read. The Circus was indeed coming, and with it came only heartbreak and death. Whilst traveling through Chicago the circus had recruited a few new members which was not uncommon. But as it was one of the new additions happend to be a man named Eustus Stevens. Eustus was wanted by Chicago P.D. for the kidnapping and murder of 3 children. The Carnival was the perfect escape, and a chance for Eustus to continue his killing spree. The Carnival of Souls arrived with grandeur. Fallsburg was in an uproar, everyone clammering to see the clowns, exotic animals, and performers in its ranks. This was not a site that escaped Alice. The Carnival had paid a small fee to raise thier colorful tents in open bottoms of the Collinsworth farm. It would truly be a sight to behold, and Alice wanted nothing more in the world than to be a part of its magic. Alice could see from the barn the workhands raising tents, the strong man lifting his large weights, the acrobats spinning and twirling about like tops on their high wires. Everyone was preparing for opening night which was only a few short hours away. Everyone except Eustus. Eustus stood motionless at the edge of the barn his narrow eyes fixed on Alice as she gathered eggs from the Chicken coups. The Collinsworth family and most of the Fallsburg residence gathered in mass for the opening. The large tents towered overhead, and alice was full to the brim with excitement and joy. They came upon a juggling clown, his floppy shoes and puffy crimson hair made alice giggle. They stopped in front of him watching the clumsy clown attempt to juggle the bowling pins with little success. The pins fell fom his hands thudding on the straw covered ground. Alice laughed uncontrolably at the clown, bent down retrieved the pin and raised it high into the air. Eustus the clumsy clown was not amused by her mocking laughter. He reached out slowly, took the pin, and looked at Alice in a way that silenced her laughter and sent chills through her spine. She backed up behind her father grasping his hand tightly. Popcorn in hand the Collinsworth family left the Carnival and retired to thier home. Mr. and Mrs. Collinsworth had to tend to some buisness in town leaving alice asleep in her bed in the care of her nanny Gusta. that would be the last time they saw thier daughter alive. Local police had determined that alice was removed from her home sometime during the night while she slept by Eustus Stevens. Gusta, Alices nanny was found bound in the downstairs bathroom of the family home. They believe Alice was killed in the Collinsworth family barn that sits just above where the Carnival had been the night before. Three days after her dissapperence her body was found stuffed into a small space in the attic of the Collinsworth home. Mr. and Mrs. Collinsworth were devestated by the loss of their daughter. Not long after her death Mr. Collinsworth commited suicide in his home, gunshot to the head. Mrs. Collinsworth went insane with grief and was never seen again. The story of Alice and her family became legend and over the years was forgotten. But to this day no one, NO ONE dare enter the home after dark alone. Those who do brave the halls of the Collinsworth home leave altered, as though the house has stolen a peice of them. "Alice and those Collinsworth folks are still in there. I have lived here for 60 years, seen many things, but for fear of death I will never set foot in that house, no sir." - Gereld Hopkins " That house is of the Devil, Needs to be burned to the ground." - Unknown "Aint no good ever gonna come from that pit, you need to stay out of there before you stir up a mess." - Clyde Edmonds